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ڕەوەند ئەحمەد شاشوار


Quick way to check what I'm up to these days.

Where am I?

I'm a digital nomad, currently in my home, the US. Spending my days in the beautiful city of LA.

What I'm working on currently?

  1. Working at my day job as a frontend engineer
  2. Developing indie-projects like this developer blogging platform

I am available for:

  • public speaking
  • content collaboration

Am I available for freelance work/employment/co-founding/gardening?

Currently, I'm not available for employment-based work. I'm only considering unique/exciting projects for freelance work or consulting.

How do I decide about a project if it sounds exciting?

I follow the "Hell yeah! or No" principle.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers. It works as a public declaration and a reminder to myself.